Gwacheon Line
No. Station Connecting Line Distance Location
Hangeul Hanja Subway Railroad Stn-Stn Total City Province
001 Geumjeong Seoul Line 1
Seoul Line 4
Ansan Line
Gyeongbu Line
- 0.0km Gunpo Gyeonggi-do
금정 衿井
002 Beomgye Seoul Line 4 2.6km 2.6km Anyang
범계 범계
003 Pyeongchon Seoul Line 4 1.3km 3.9km
평촌 坪村
004 Indeogwon Seoul Line 4 1.6km 5.5km
인덕원 仁德院
005 Government Complex Gwacheon Seoul Line 4 3.0km 8.5km Gwacheon
정부과천청사 政府果川廳舍
007 Gwacheon Seoul Line 4 1.0km 9.5km
과천 果川
008 Seoul Grand Park Seoul Line 4 1.0km 10.5km
서울대공원 서울大公園
008 Seoul Racecourse Park Seoul Line 4 0.9km 11.4km
서울경마공원 서울競馬公園
009 Seonbawi Seoul Line 4 1.0km 12.4km
선바위 선바위
010 Namtaeryeong Seoul Line 4 Seoul Line 4 1.0km 13.4km Seoul
남태령 南泰嶺
Gwacheon Line
GeumjeongBeomgyePyeongchonIndeogwonGovernment Complex GwacheonGwacheonSeoul Grand ParkSeoul Racecourse ParkSeonbawiNamtaeryeong

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