Gyeonggi Express Line
No. Station Connecting Line Distance Location
Hangeul Hanja Subway Railroad Stn-Stn Total City Province
001 Suseo Seoul Line 3
Bundang Line
Seoul Line 3
Bundang Line
- 0.0km Seoul Gyeonggi-do
수서 水西
002 Dongtan 32.6km 32.6km Hwaseong
동탄 東灘
003 Jije Seoul Line 1 Gyeongbu Line 22.2km 54.8km Pyeongtaek
지제 芝制
004 Cheonan-Asan Seoul Line 1 Gyeongbu Express Line
Honam Express Line
Janghang Line
25.2km 80.0km Asan Chungcheong-do
천안아산 天安牙山
Gyeonggi Express Line

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